Upgrade was cancelled, forgot it was inaugural swearing in ceremony. And now I'm all sleepy :) ;) hehe

Just took the snapshot. if an error occurs this is where the server will restore too. about to start the upgrade

Ok the fiddling with email is done and working. I'll be reading about upgrading to 3.3 in the next few days. I should be quiet for a bit. Admins will be getting some info sometime today on what it all means. Admin over and out! hehe

Please ignore any emails that were sent out from polarize.us I think some made it out before I cleaned the email queue out :) lol *hugs*

Bouncing (restarting) the server in 5 mins. there may be a brief interruption, probably seconds but definitely less that 5 mins.


working on getting invite links functional. then we can make 1 time use invite links for people to register. . . instead of using linux console. cross your fingers lol, I'm about to test it

Hey Guys! I'm messing with some configurations to help with adding new users. hoping it will send a welcome email out when we add new users. I took a snapshot of the server on sunday, just in case I need a restore. It looks like everything is fine.

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Welcome To the Titan Mastodon Server!!!

To become more familiar with Mastodon please take a look at their documentation or feel free to ask your fellow citizen.


@bittykitty will post things she learns, if you want to follow


Welcome to the Titan Mastodon Community!! We are a tight group of friends who are hosting our own social media presence.