I crawled out of my winter home to find 79 degrees of beautiful sun shine

I'm so tired of doctors. It's all so hurry up and wait. I'm excited to be making progress, but it's bullshit to do diagnostics in December then wait to the middle of march before anything productive to fix it happens. Even then it's maybe fix it.

Just super anxious waiting for that along with everything else. I'm pretty much at my limit with all of it.

I did it. After a week of trying to get my sleep schedule worked out, I woke up at normal human hours. πŸŽ‰

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Ok this is it no more lazy Elizabeth. Time to roll that upgrade out to the to the titan server. Wish me luck!! πŸ€

So I did it. No more Facebook. Just one last post with a link to here. Once my backup is done I'll lock myself out. 🐲 πŸ”₯ πŸŽ‰

I just realized that all us internet people have been training for stay at home orders for years. For me, this is just another Tuesday, meanwhile all the NT irl social people are having nervous breakdowns, because the can't hang out at Starbucks with their friends.

wake up early, my first thought is, I can get so many quests done today

Must be snowing in hell,. I woke up at normal human hours!

That moment when you are reading a manual and you get a couple pages into the next language before you realize why it doesn't make sense. :D :bean: :D

taking today off, because I spent several h ours at my sisters and I need to decompress. She adopted 4 kids, so it's super loud. I keep forgetting to bring my noise cancelling headphones ><

Also warning the image in the full size picture was very disturbing to me heheh

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For the record, I did not click to read that article. Mostly in fear of what Google's algorithm would feed me next.,

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Why Google? WHY?!?! WTF is this doing in my news feed?.what have people up to that they need a bandaid there? the world scares me sometimes.

OMG my internet is terrible. I can't even get a game to open. The only thing working is mastodon and it takes like 30 secs to post a toot!

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